on creatyve, artists can raise
capital from funders by selling
shares in their art

Our featured projects

Money for nothing but the rent is not free
by andreachristodoulides

Money for nothing but the rent is not free, 160x160cm, Polyester fabric, ink, acrylic and wood

Started Dec. 24, 2018 - 32 days left

The Empress
by ticakristina

The Empress depicts a woman figure surrounded by a thin golden cage, surrounded by nature and fire.

Started Dec. 17, 2018 - 25 days left

It'll be nice meeting all of you
by LukeGeorge

I'll be constructing, stretching and painting the canvases myself at my studio space.

Started Dec. 16, 2018 - 24 days left

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A new way to think of crowdfunding

On creatyve, artists will be able to raise capital to fund their operating costs by starting a funding campaign, like in crowdfunding. However, in this process, they will actually sell a percentage of their art to investors, who will now own shares in their art. The shares will be exchangeable on creatyve.
creatyve will allow artists both to sell past artworks and art that is still to come, therefore creating different profiles of investment risk.

creatyve is trying to disrupt the traditional art industry and make art investments available for everyone.
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